Pain Free Clinic Guests Amazed At Pain Relief From JBIT MedPro

Pain Free Clinic guests amazed at pain relief from JBIT MedPro device
Houston, Texas January 24, 2015

Houston Texas was the site of the latest Pain Free Clinic, free events being held across the country to help people find relief from Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Pain as a result of Osteoarthritis and Sciatica.

The event was held at University General Hospital, a fitting venue to provide respite of the aches and pain that many feel. Guests were presented with information on the JBIT MedPro, the revolutionary device that brings about pain relief for so many.

The JBIT MedPro was invented by Jonathan Bender, former NBA player and CEO of the company. He was basketball’s hottest prospect in 1999, but chronic knee pain cut short an extremely promising career. He turned a tragic situation with his knees into an opportunity for himself and others to find pain relief.

A guest wearing the JBIT MedPro and experience the positive effects.
A guest wearing the JBIT MedPro and experiencing the positive effects of the device.
A guest experiences the pain relief of using the JBIT MedPro
Pain Free Clinic guest trying the JBIT MedPro armbands and testing how it relieves shoulder pain.

The JBIT MedPro Pain Free Clinics allow guests to be educated about chronic pain from a physician. Guests hear about the device from a Doctor or Physical Therapist, and the open forum format allows guests to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what the device does. Most importantly, guests are given the opportunity to try the devices for free, and were amazed at how it controls or eliminates the pain they are feeling.

One regular user of the device emotionally stated “It lets me have my life back. I can walk!” Most guests are amazed when they attend these events and try this amazing device. Pain Free Clinics are held in Pensacola, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; New York City; Jackson, Mississippi and other cities nationwide. To try it for yourself and to see what the JBIT MedPro can do for you, contact us for times and dates for our Pain Free Parties.

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