Relieving Pain for Seniors

Many Seniors have pain. It is normal as one ages. The Senior Expo 2014 is geared toward healthy, pain free living. The JBIT MedPro was on display and many Seniors tried the device. The reactions were amazing! They had relief of the joint pain.

JBIT MedPro display

When people think of illness, they worry about the associated pain. Both young and old worry about the pain and recovery from illness and from medical treatment. Pain, particularly for the elderly, often goes under-treated or untreated. It affects people’s moods, people’s ability to function, and most of all their overall quality of life. Illness significantly reduces the quality of life and satisfaction with their well-being on a daily basis. The longer the illness persists, the lower, typically is the wellbeing and quality of life.

      Mary Jo trying JBIT MedPro


Pain can be Chronic – which refers to pain that usually lasts from 3 to 6 months or longer and can produce long-term psychological problems. It’s not normal and if left untreated can greatly limit your ability to sleep, walk and perform daily tasks. It can stop a person from doing the things they enjoy, and may even prevent one from caring for themselves.



Pain can be Acute – which refers to pain that begins distinctly and lasts a short time, usually less than 30 days.  It can be accompanied by elevated heart rate and blood pressure. This type of pain can be due to surgery, injury like sports injuries or broken bones, or an infected tooth.


Putting on the MedPro

 Common Causes of Senior Pain

  • Osteoarthritis (back, knees, hips)
  • Night-time leg cramps
  • Joint Pain and inflammation (especially in the fingers, knees, back, hip and spine)
  • Claudicating or limping from pain usually caused by poor blood circulation
  • Spinal issues
  • Neuropathies or damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system
  • Cancer
  • Shingles
  • Trauma from falls
  • Post surgery pain


Senior Pain Data

  • Over half those 65 and older aren’t functioning at an optimal level because of pain.
  • From 47-80% of seniors living at home don’t receive pain care.
  • From16-27% of seniors in extended care facilities doesn’t receive pain care.
  • 18% of the elderly take analgesic meds for pain daily or more than 3x per week.
  • 71% take prescription pain relievers
  • 22% take over-the-counter pain relievers
  • 70% of veterans have a pain-related disability


Stepping out in MedPro

 Whether the Pain is Chronic or Acute, sufferers want the pain gone. Many don’t want to live on pills an medications, many which cause other problems or health issues of their own. The JBIT MedPro relieves many of these pains. It relieves knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, pain from Osteoarthritis and Sciatica. Many suffering from MS have found relief for their condition through the use of this revolutionary device. Combined with the Boost Rehab and Fitness regimen, a doctor led program for recovery and to maintain fitness, Seniors can access this doctor led program at their convenience to help them recover.  To learn more and to access the Boost Rehab and Fitness regimen, click here


Trying the JB


JBIT MedPro display table

The Images show seniors getting relief of their pain. To learn more and to try this wonderful device for yourself, Click here

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