PIBNA Tampa Basketball Tournament

PIBNA 2015. Many players from around the US and Canada descended upon Tampa / Clearwater to compete in the Philippine league’s tournament. There is a certain love of Basketball among the Filipino people, and that was on full display all around the city throughout the weekend. PIBNA Opening (59)A

Basketball requires a lot of motion and places great demands on the muscles and on the joints. Players may spend a lot of time training and working on different aspects of the game.
Many players don’t take the time to warm up and stretch, yet may willing spend a great deal of time in the weight room and in the gym undergoing training. Skipping stretching is not a good idea. The goal is to be faster, stronger, and definitely more athletic.

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Before you do anything, the body needs to warm up. The warm up should last 5-10 minutes and can consist of a light jog or do some jump rope. You should do that until you start to sweat. Once you start to sweat and your muscles have warmed up, you should go right into stretching.

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If you neglect to stretch, you risk injury and you are limiting your athletic potential. Stretching and warming up the muscles is crucial to preventing injury and increasing flexibility. This helps to increase your muscle performance. The exercises can also help you to sleep better, and it can help you to relax, all helping to improve your quality of life.
Stretching will help to prevent soreness and help your muscles recover from the workout and the intense activity. If you continue to push your body, then taking the time to stretch is a must. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Be sure to stretch the hamstrings, the back, the groin, the quads, the shoulders and the hips.
Besides helping to prevent tightness, stretching helps prevent injuries, especially when your muscles begin to get fatigued. An injury can put you out of the game for days, weeks, months, or even years. Stretching will not prevent injuries altogether, as there is no guarantee one will not get hurt, but stretching will help to protect those muscles and reduce your risk.

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If one does suffer an injury, the JBIT MedPro is a great way to relieve the pressure on the joints. It also helps to engage the muscles to intensify the workout. Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain and Shoulder Pain can all be helped by the MedPro and its unique design.

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The purpose of stretches is to increase the range of motion of your joints. Do not bounce as you stretch. Lean or push until you feel the stretches working.

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Stretching for the PIBNA players was important, because, as a team continues to win, it places greater demands on the body. Of course the competitive spirit drives players to play hard and work hard for another win.
Congratulations to the winners, and all the players, organizers, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to a highly successful tournament.


PIBNA – The JBIT MedPro relieves joint pressure for basketball and other sports

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